Winners 2018

The Digital Top 50 Awards have been designed by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet to recognise and reward bold talent, cutting-edge innovation and sharp business acumen. We have seen many great applications in 2018.

Congratulations to our Top 5 2018

2018 Top B2C Start-up

Kaia Health

Kaia is a digital therapeutics company, focusing on digitizing multimodal therapies against chronic diseases. Kaia’s focus is on getting the App-based therapies reimbursed as medical claims in Europe and the US. Customers include large health plans as well as self-insured employers and pharmaceutical companies.

Honorable Mentions

2018 Top B2C Scale-Up


TWINO connects investors seeking premium returns with borrowers searching for convenient loans, through the digital landscape. TWINO is already one of the most successful marketplace lenders in Continental Europe, issuing roughly € 1 million in loans every single day.

Honorable Mentions

2018 Top B2B Start-up


Dashmote is a Dutch artificial intelligence startup that helps companies analyze visual data to discover trends and gain valuable market insights. With their propriety technology, and a visual analytics platform based on AI, they offer visual trend analysis and market intelligence to help companies expedite their product development and marketing endeavors. Dashmote was founded in 2014 by Dennis Tan, Stefan Tan, and Matthaeus Schreder.  

Honorable Mentions

2018 Top B2B Scale-Up


CornerJob is a job matching platform based in Barcelona. The company enables users to find geolocated job offers, apply to them, chat directly with the recruiters and quickly get an answer. For companies, it represents the perfect recruiting tool in terms of simplicity, rapidity, and flexibility. The start-up operates in France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico and was founded by David Rodriguez, Mauro Maltagliati, Miguel Vicente, and Gerard Olivé in September 2015.

Honorable Mentions

2018 Best Tech for Social Impact


Madaster is a global register for real estate data on materials and products. The company facilitates a circular economy by providing materials with an identity in order to eliminate waste. Madaster creates material passports and brings transparency in the circular and financial value of buildings. Madaster was founded in the Netherlands in 2017.

Honorable Mentions