Winners 2020

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s DT50 awards. The awards recognise Europe’s top entrepreneurial talent and endorse the continent’s thriving tech scene. More than 350 firms applied across four categories: Best Technology, Best Consumer Business Model Innovation, Best Enterprise Business Model Innovation, and Tech for Good. This year, healthcare and green energy / renewables were the leading sectors among all applicants, underlining Europe's strength in these two tech categories.

Congratulations to all the winners who were selected amongst this year’s incredible set of finalists!

2020 Best Technology

iLoF - Intelligent Lab on Fiber

iLoF is an Oxford-based company, working to enable a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles. It is providing screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast, portable way, saving up to 40% of cost and 70% of the time spent screening for clinical trials. Supported by leading institutions like Microsoft Ventures, Mayfied or the Oxford University, iLoF is currently focusing a validated platform technology in one of the biggest epidemics of our times: Alzheimer's, while maintaining ongoing verticals on Digestive Cancer, Stroke and Infectious diseases

Honorable Mentions

2020 Best Consumer Business Model Innovation


Lition is a Berlin-based licensed energy provider and has established Germany’s first digital marketplace for green energy. On a blockchain-enabled platform, producers and consumers are connected directly, and can trade clean, green energy easily and cost-effectively. As of June 2020, Lition also offers home solar systems that are automatically integrated into the marketplace. This essentially turns home owners into energy ‘prosumers’, with the option of selling surplus energy directly to the market. Lition’s leadership team brings together years of executive industry experience and a diverse skillset including technical IT knowhow, tenacious ability to drive sales and marketing, as well as a thorough understanding of brand communication in a modern context. Lition has great plans for the future and is on track to leaving a lasting and rejuvenating impression on the market.

Honorable Mentions

2020 Best Enterprise Business Model Innovation

Our mission at is to empower every patient to understand and access clinical research. Through this mission we accelerate the pace of innovation in medicine by reducing barriers to participation in clinical research for all. Our platform uses technology, namely AI, as an integrator and translator across trial services, so that patients are supported throughout their journey by a seamless digital experience.

Honorable Mentions

2020 Tech for Good


HelloBetter is the emergent European category leader in the field of digital therapeutics for mental health disorders that empowers people to maintain and improve their mental health through evidence-based, digital solutions.

Honorable Mentions

2020 Green Tech Special Mention


Enapter manufactures highly efficient, modular hydrogen generators using Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis. It is the first electrolyser on the market designed as a software-hardware-hybrid system. It is enabled by Enapter’s Energy Management System (EMS) which monitors and controls the entire energy system. The core AEM technology has a 10-year proven track record and is the foundation for the unique low-cost, compact electrolyser. The electrolysers and EMS are used internationally in applications like energy storage, hydrogen mobility refueling, district heating, industrial applications and more. Enapter has offices in Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia.